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You’ve asked for…

“Easier ways to get your money out”

We’ve listened

You’ve asked for…

“More betting options”

We’ve listened

You’ve asked for…

“The ability to Cashout”

We’ve listened

You’ve asked for…

“A better betting experience”

We’ve listened

Things we’re working on

Account locked
If you have been locked out of your account you can easily unlock it again by resetting your password. Make sure you have the email you registered on your TAB account handy before you begin.


Enabling location services on your iOS device
We’ve put together a how to guide for both Apple and Android devices on how to enable your location services. View it here

We are making some changes to the way you bet online.

What this means for you?

While some of what you’re used to seeing may change, disappear or be added to, your ongoing betting experience will be vastly improved by the new design.

Placing a bet

Like anything new, it may take a little time to adjust to the changes. Placing a bet will feel different at first. Your new betslip is going to be more like an online shopping cart, meaning no more ‘quick bet’ functionality.

You’ll now have the ability to group your bets together and place them all at once, from anywhere on the site (you can even do it while you’re watching a game!). No more going back and forth between screens.  

We’ve got a bunch of handy little videos that show you what’s changing and what you’ll need to do when you start using our new site and mobile app.

If you’re into sports betting, you’ll have access to thousands of new markets and options. Your live betting experience will improve immensely with less suspensions, the ability to access more information and place your bets, all while watching your favourite teams.

We’re also introducing ‘Cashout’. This allows you to get out of a bet early, if you lack certainty about the outcome.

With a new site comes a new design so you may notice other subtle differences to the way information is laid out or how it is displayed.

Your transaction history

Our new site and mobile app are going to show changes in your transaction history. Rather than providing 14-30 days of transaction history, you’ll now get six months! In order for us to make this happen, your betting history will be cleared when we launch the new site. This can be quickly rebuilt and you’ll have access to a much longer history of all your transactions, however,  if you want to keep a record of your previous betting history before we go live, go ahead and download it now from tab.co.nz.

Depositing and withdrawing

You’ll still be able to top up your TAB account online but you’ll also be able to withdraw your money into your bank account online. See this option on your “My Account” page.

Betting preferences

All betting information will be displayed in your betslip to the right of the screen and it will highlight the different betting options. Please note, the option to predetermine how you want to structure your bet (preferences) no longer exists.

While you will no longer be able to set betting limits, you’ll have the option to set deposit limits on your account. You can find this under ‘Account’.

Following your favourites

Racetracker will be renamed to ‘Favourites’.  With ‘Favourites’ you select the runner, jockey/driver, trainer, sire or venue you’d like to receive an alert for.  Alerts are sent via email or text, which you can pre-set as a preference in your account.

  1. Email alert – receive a daily email of your favourites in action today
  2. Text alert – for runners only,  sent one hour before the race (texts cost 20 cents)

We’ve done our best to match as many of your current ‘Racetracker’ selections so they’re available on the new site.  If a selection is not in your ‘Favourites’ list, you can add them from the ‘Racecard’, from the “Results’ page or from your list of betting transactions.

Removing our old channels

Did you know we currently have four digital channels available for our customers? Essentially they are different versions of tab.co.nz, depending on what type of device you’re using and they all have varying levels of products and services.

Our new site is compatible with any device which means it’ll adjust to any device you’re using. It’ll look the same, behave the same and offers all the same products and services. Any improvements or updates will happen whether you’re using a phone, laptop or tablet. When we launch, we’ll be removing our old mobile sites and we’ll replace our website and app.

If you use the TAB Mobile App, you’ll receive a message to update it, so go on ahead and do that. If you don’t have the app, you’re welcome to download it. Apple users head to the Apple Store, Android users go to our website.

Where to go for help?

This is a big technical change and we’re asking our customers to change the way they bet with us. If you get stuck, try the FAQ section of this site, check your inbox (we’ve been emailing you!) or you can get in touch with our wonderful team at TAB Customer Services.

Your questions answered

If you have a question about the changes, why not have a look for the answer using our FAQ tool. Just enter your question and if someone has asked the same or a similar question, the answer will come up straight away. If the question is new, it’ll be sent to TAB Customer Services who will either publish the answer in the FAQ section or send it directly to your email address – it’s up to you. Take a look.