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Responsible Betting

With all of the excitement of new a brand new website, app and all that they offer, we want you to have fun and enjoy the excitement of betting. We also want you to bet safely and responsibly, so we’ll be introducing a new range of tools and services to support this.

What’s changing

Today you may have a daily/monthly limit or lock against your credit card which limits how much you can deposit into your TAB account from your credit card for a day/month. This will change to a limit on the amount you can deposit from any source, not just your credit card, into your TAB Account for a day or a calendar month. TAB promotions are not considered a deposit.

You will be responsible for managing the credit cards attached to your account. You can either remove a card from your account, if you don’t want to use it or set up a Deposit Limit to restrict the amount you can deposit from any source, including your cards.

We offer two Responsible Betting options that you can set, just go to your Account Dashboard and under Responsible Betting, select either – Set Your Limits or Take A Break.

Setting up your limits

Set Your Limits – puts you in charge of setting your Daily Deposit Limit. This limit will not change the rolling calendar month Deposit Limit we may have set up for you. If you have both a daily and a monthly deposit limit, the system will decide which one has been reached and use this amount to stop any further deposits.

Take a break

Take A Break – lets you choose the number of days you cannot log into your account. You can select from between 1 and 30 days.

If you require additional assistance, we offer our Responsible Gambling Set Your Limits Programme. Give us a call and we will put you in touch with our Responsible Gambling team to discuss your options.

What you need to do

The amount you can deposit into your TAB account will be set to the most restrictive of your current daily/monthly credit card limit amounts. You don’t need to take any action to ensure this happens.

On our new website or app, you can change your Daily Deposit Limit, but if you want to change or add a monthly deposit limit, you’ll need to give us a call.